Biden is a soft-minded old lecher. We can do way better.

I thought Biden seemed dazed and unaware as he offered his unsolicited commentary on some of Trump’s recent actions. Also seems to lack any sense of honor in smearing Trump just because he needs to in order to unseat the incumbent. His honor is also of quite some conjecture considering his advances on Lucy Flores sexually, apologizing, and then joking with his country club white good ol’ boys about it.
Last year, Biden struggled to respond to comments from Lucy Flores, a 2014 lieutenant governor nominee in Nevada, who said he made her uncomfortable by touching her shoulders and kissing the back of her head before a campaign event. Several other women have made similar claims.
In a video, Biden pledged to be “more mindful” of respecting “personal space”, but Flores told Fox News this week that the former senator’s jokes on the matter have been “so incredibly disrespectful”.
Last year, he was also repeatedly forced to explain his 1991 decision, as Senate Judiciary Committee chairman to allow Anita Hill to face questions about her allegations of sexual harassment against Clarence Thomas, then a nominee for the Supreme Court.
Biden has since apologised for his role in the hearing. But in the #MeToo era, it is another example of why critics believe he may struggle to catch on with the Democratic primary voters of 2020.

When you say “Death to America!” and then get deported.

So this Iranian college kid got deported. The anti-America-corrosive ACLU (Read: No christianity in the public eye, but don’t tread on Muslim rights to be in the public space) and Elizabeth Warren (as well as Irans foreign PM) think *international* law* protects his right to agitate like a guy on the ground in Iran, or an American citizen. This guy was neither. He’s an Iranian non-citizen with a week-old Visa IN America, shooting his mouth off on social media. Oh to be 20 again! So foolish.
Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren believes Iranian *non* citizens with *brand new* Visas who threaten America on social media should be allowed to stay in America.
And she gets to run for President?
I hope her ignorant, illogical and feelings-based commentaries are remembered well if she is ever considered to lead America. She’s already a humiliating example of un-discerning thought and lack of appropriate temperance and judgment as a Senator.
*The Constitution would protect any opinion the kid had, if he were a citizen.

Off-limits and very tempting

Half of a spring rolls left over from last night. It’s pretty much a little bit of carbs and some lettuce but I’m not eating that because it’s not protein and it is mostly carbs what little there is but there it sits tempting me to pick it up and eat it but I will not for I am stronger than that!

Railroaded, Legally Smeared @ Taxpayer Expense.

Impeachment? By Democrats. Will sway some voters. Could prevent Trump from even running. Democrats: Costs no money, no consequences, can only help. Lead Democrat in House, Nancy Pelosi, is allowed to pick 100% Democrat prosecutors from the House. Republicans not represented.
“Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday named seven Democratic members of the House of Representatives as managers of the chamber’s case in the upcoming Senate impeachment trial.”
“They present the case on behalf of the House of Representatives on why the president should be convicted and removed from office and in this case also disqualified from ever holding future office,” Tribe told Al Jazeera.
Better hurry, so the Democrat nominee doesn’t have to face an incumbent!
No no no, some people think this is actually over some malfeasance, and not about the election. I wish I was as insulated from anger by that naiveté.